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The Goods Framework Contract requires Botanic Building Supplies to have a formal procedure for complaints in place, which is set out hereunder. In the first instance, escalations and complaints must be dealt with between the Framework Client and Botanic Building Supplies. If the issue cannot be solved it may be escalated to the OGP.

Botanic Building Supplies will keep a record of all complaints, communications and findings, as notified to it both verbally and in writing in respect of the Goods Framework Contract. The information below sets out what you should do if an escalation or complaint arises, as well as the procedures Botanic Building Supplies will follow, once you have made contact.

Acknowledge Complaint

Botanic Supplies acknowledge complaints at the very earliest convenience, recognising the time, inconvenience and expense that the Framework Client has gone to in making the complaint. Botanic Building Supplies will:

  • Talk to the Framework Client, if possible by phone or in person.
  • Document any additional details or proposed solutions to the complaint.
  • Take Time to understand the client’s perspective on the complaint and the desired resolution.

Analyse Complaint

Once complaints are acknowledged, they are investigated and analysed by Botanic Building Supplies and the Framework Client as appropriate. This may require input from the Framework Client to establish a full understanding of the complaint, its nature and why it has arisen.

Determine Resolution

The resolution of the complaint will be in keeping with the overall Botanic Building Supplies commitment to client satisfaction.

Where the complaint cannot be resolved by the Account Manager, then it is escalated to the appropriate level of authority within Botanic Building Supplies for resolution. Throughout all stages of the resolution determination, the Framework Client is kept informed through both formal and informal progress reports. The proposed resolution is presented to the Framework Client.

Implementation / Escalation

If the Framework Client is satisfied with the proposed resolution, it is then implemented.


Botanic Building Supplies will prepare a report analysing the complaints received. The goal of analysis is to identify themes or trends that occur. Remediation proposals are sent to the client so that Botanic Building Supplies may establish mechanisms to prevent these complaints arising in the future.

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